Reef and Bank Fishing

Rods & Reels

Due to the variety and different sizes of fish that we catch on Weymouth & Portland Reefs rods are dependant on our target species, for instance, if we were fishing for Black Bream, we would want to use a tippy 12lb class rod and if we were fishing for Huss, Conger Eels and Rays we would want to use a rod in the 30lb class range.

Reels would need to match the rod being used i.e. small to medium multipliers loaded with good quality braid or monofilament line, the line breaking strains would also need to match the target species so 20 - 50lb breaking strain lines would be required.

Hooks & Weights

Hooks sizes would also need to match the target species and could be in the size range of size 1 - 8/0, size 1 being a small hook for Black Bream or similar and size 8/0 for Conger Eels and Rays for instance.

Weights, due to highly variable tidal range in the Weymouth & Portland area, weight sizes can vary between 4 ounces and 2 lbs! the weight shape recommended is bopedo, torpedo and watch.


Baits, are also dependant on target species but can vary between Squid, Mackerel, Ragworm, Peeler Crab, Hermit Crab, Sandeels and Prawns.

BAIT - If you are getting your Rag Worm in Weymouth -  DON'T FORGET TO ORDER THEM.



A variety of traces can be used dependant on the target species and made up from various lines, these can 
vary from 10 - 150 lb breaking strain.

Our general fishing rigs are amongst the following: Running Ledger, Paternoster, Flowing Trace and Pennel.




Fishing methods generally employed on reef and banks is anchored fishing and on occasion we may drift fish these areas with lures or baits.

The running ledger rig is possibly the most popular for presenting a bait on the seabed, whereas the paternoster rig will present baits just off the seabed.

The importance of this is that bait presentation is enhanced to the target species, a Ray for instance would need a bait fished hard on the seabed and a Pollack prefers a bait fished above the seabed.

Tim Goble 40Ib Tope Andy Collings 18Ib 8oz Thornback Ray Bill Walton 9Ib 6oz Brill David Gibson 4Ib 1oz Black Bream David Potts 2Ib Mackerel Graham Gardner 26Ib Cod Ian Slater 26Ib 8oz Blonde Ray John Billett 15Ib 9oz Bull Huss Jon Trevett 26Ib2oz Blonde Ray Mick Nunn 19Ib Undulate Ray Kevin Reay 24Ib 8oz Spurdog Russell Salmon 3Ib 6oz Black Bream Stephan Attwood 19Ib Starry Smooth Hound Steve Wells 19Ib Cod Trevor Lockyer 24Ib Turbot