Flamer IV Terms & Conditions for bookings

Please read these terms, conditions and information.

SAFETY – alcohol, mind altering substances and recreational drugs are NOT permitted on Flamer IV. (Safety will always be the priority as to whether a trip takes place).

Deposits - An agreed deposit or full amount will be required to secure a booking.

Should the trip be cancelled by me the skipper due to bad weather or other circumstances then your payment/deposit will be refunded or can be moved to another date.

Note: make sure you keep the booking receipt that I send you as in case of a refund claim, you will need it. No receipt - No refund.

Late cancellation or failure to turn up by you will result in the full fee/s/deposit being payable or used up if a replacement/s is/are not found.
Late cancellation means 30 days or less prior to your booking/date.
Note: There must be a sufficient number of people booked on the intended trip for it to take place.

Rolling Deposits (Boat Charter & Individual Places)

A single prepaid deposit can be paid that you can use to cover several bookings, this deposit is known as a "Rolling Deposit" and will carry over until such time as you wish to use it up (within 36 months - see below), this saves you the hassle of repeatedly sending me a deposit for each booking.

Fixtures & Weather

Should fishing trends or the weather dictate or the water clarity not be good enough for the type of fishing intended, then a different type trip will/may be done to the one originally booked.

General Rules

When a booking has been accepted by us, a legally binding contract then exists between the person making the booking (The Customer) and ourselves (Flamer IV Charters),  Flamer IV Charters reserves the right to cancel the contract for any one of the following reasons:

A bad weather forecast making the trip unsuitable for recreational angling to take place, whether the forecast is 'Unsuitable or Not' will be at the discretion of "Flamer IV Charters".

A mechanical or electrical system failure of any of the vessels main operating systems.

The Skipper or a crew member being unable to perform their duties efficiently due to ill health or injury.

A passenger or passengers arriving at the boat that in the opinion of the skipper are unfit to travel or, are likely to put other passengers at risk (No refund will be given in these circumstances)

Ring the evening before your trip around 6.30pm to 7.30pm to check if the trip is on. PLEASE – Not Before 6.30pm and Not After 9pm – Thank you.

Make sure you are on the boat at least Half an hour before the said departure time as the boat will leave prompt at the said departure time.

Please note if fuel prices etc rise, my prices will/may have to as well. So prices are a guide line. Do not hesitate to contact me nearer the time of your trip/s for an update on the cost.

In general anglers must provide their own tackle & bait unless prior arrangement has been made with the skipper.

My Refunds Policy

Due to fraudulent refund claims, I will apply this policy strictly. Note: (No receipt - No refund).

By Email

Email me a copy of your receipt that I sent you at the time of your booking with a request for a refund with the date or dates of the cancelled trips along with your home address and I will then send you a refund cheque by post for the amount of your deposit/payment.

By Post

To obtain a refund for a cancelled trip or trips or for any other reason, please send a letter requesting a refund with the date or dates of the cancelled trips and include a copy of the booking receipt that I sent you at the time of your booking.
Colin Penny, 1, Wyke Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 9QE

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope and by return I will send you a refund cheque for the amount of your deposit/payment.

Note: these two options are the only way that refund claims will be accepted. 

Please Note

Deposits can only be re claimed if the deposit is less than 36 months old.

In the case of 'Rolling' deposits these can only be reclaimed if they have not been used to book a trip within the last 36 months.