Flamer IV Charter Boat

Flamer IV fish of the month 2017 - Sponsored by  sukumalogo13.jpg

Monthly winners will receive a prize from Sakuma and I will send each monthly winner a coveted Flamer IVKevin Reay 24Ib 8oz Spurdog - New Flamer IV record

"Fish of the Month" winners badge.

Sakuma also sponsor the prizes for the annual "Fish of the Month" winners competition.


Flamer IV Fish of the Year 2016, Kevin Reay is pictured here with his 24lb 8oz Spurdog. 

January Nigel Powis - 8Ib 3oz Coalfish  
February Russell Salmon - 10Ib 8oz Pollack  
March  David Hawker - 15Ib 8oz Pollack  
April  Kevin Clark - 1Ib 9oz Three Bearded Rockling  
May Rick Hawkins - 4Ib 14oz Plaice  
June Phil Harrison - 14Ib 3oz Pollack  
July Trevor Lockyer 4Ib 2oz Black Bream  
August Scott Rice - 3Ib 15oz Black Bream  
September Paul Milkins - 12Ib 8oz Thornback Ray  
October Tim Goble - 40Ib Tope  
November Graham Johnson - 14Ib 2oz Pollack