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Every year Flamer IV does several competitions.

Some are annual events, some are one off competitions. With Trophies, Prizes, Vouchers, Cash etc to be won.

The 'Chris Caines Memorial' - Heaviest Shambles Bank caught Turbot Shield and trophy is there to be won. 

The 'Sakuma/Flamer IV Fish of the Month Competition' is there to enter with your best catch. 

NOTE: All competitions are "Two Hooks" maximum.

2022  Competition Dates 

September 3rd -  Flamer IV Bream Competition

September 6th  -  Flamer IV Old Gits Competition (age 60 and over)

October 1st -  Flamer IV Reef/Bank Competition 

October 2nd - Flamer IV Big Fish Competition (Reef/Bank)

October 14th - The Weymouth Bream Competition

October 15th and 16th - Flamer IV 2 day annual Species/Hunt Competition

2023 Competition Dates 

January 8th - Sakuma/Flamer IV Fish of the Month 2022 Winners Final,

May 20th - Flamer IV Flat Fish Competition

June 1st - Flamer IV Wreck Competition 

September 18th - Old Git's Competition (age 60 and over)

September 19th - Flamer IV Bream Competition, 

September 20th - Flamer IV Old Git's Pairs Competition,




Flamer IV fish of the month 2021 - Sponsored by  db8753432ade6c6c6e793e3b007e1576_f150.jpg

Monthly winners will receive a prize from Sakuma and I will send each monthly winner a coveted Flamer IV "Fish of the Month" winners badge.

Sakuma also sponsor the prizes for the annual "Fish of the Month" winners competition.

January -  
February -   Phil Harrison 8Ib 8oz Small Eyed Ray 
March -    Denise Youngs 9Ib 8oz Small Eyed Ray 
April   Martin Smith 6Ib 4oz Brill 
May  -   David Hewitt 20Ib 8oz Blonde Ray 
June -   Peter Gillett 25Ib Blonde Ray 
July -   Kevin Clark 8Ib 8oz Small Eyed Ray 
August -   
September -  
October -   
November -  
December -  


Phil Harrison 8Ib 8oz Small Eyed Ray Denise Youngs 9Ib 8oz Small Eyed Ray Martin Smith 6Ib 4oz Brill David Hewitt 20Ib 8oz Blonde Ray Peter Gillett 25Ib Blonde Ray Kevin Clark 8Ib 8oz Small Eyed Ray