Flamer IV Bookings Diary

Flamer IV Booking Enquiry

Individuals Prices

Price dependent on type/length of trip and numbers of anglers on board.

8 to 9 hour Inshore Reef/Bank/Flatty/Species Hunt type trips prices - From £75 per person 

10 hour Wreck Trip - From £100 per person 


Whole Boat Prices for Inshore Reef/Bank/Flatty/Species Hunt type Trips

8 to 9 hours - £650

10 hours - £725

Whole Boat  Price for Wreck Trip

up to 10 hours - £850

Note: Please note if fuel prices etc rise, my prices will/may have to as well. So prices are a guide line. Do not hesitate to contact me nearer the time of your trip/s for an update on the cost.

All Trips Limited to a Max of 9 passengers  

Please see out terms and conditions for boat bookings