Flamer IV Mooring and Pick Up Point - 

Our pick up point is on Commercial Road (Post Code for your Sat Nav – DT4 8AQ)

Please Note, You will not have to climb down any ladders or clamber over another boat to board Flamer IV, walk down the sloping ramp and just step on-board Flamer IV through the EASY ACCESS DOORWAY, which is ideal for the Aged, Disabled and Less Mobile.



You can park in the near by Cosens Quay car park, you will need to come and get a scratch card from me, which cost £7.20

Please bring the correct money.  Note: Make sure you fill in the scratch card correctly and rub off the correct date/s etc. 

For your information there is Free parking in the streets behind and near the Asda supermarket and in the street behind the retirement apartments building. 

There are other car parks - Make sure you check what you have to pay.

The Recommended Bed & Breakfast Establishments and Hotels

The Marden Guest House - Phone 01305 772173

The Crown Hotel - Phone 01305 760800

The Hotel Rex - Phone 01305 760400

If you need any further help or advice, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Ariel View Flamer IV Easy Access Door Stern View Flamer IV Mooring